Hello 👋! My name is Mohamed Magdy Suleiman, I’m currently a senior cognitive software engineer working at Vodafone.

Info & background

I was born in 1992, in Cairo, Egypt, that’s where I also currently live. I studied electrical and computer engineering at Helwan University and graduated in 2016, same year I started working. Since 2016, I have been working at Vodafone and what I do is I work on building cognitive solutions, including creating chatbots, supporting tools and many more things.

In fact, I used to freelance since high school, started by working for people via Upwork on small web development projects, fixing and editing simple PHP scripts and developing using PHP, Apache, MySQL stack. (In fact I still do, but not quite often, so drop me an email if you’re interested.)

At the same time, I developed a passion and interest in computing in general, especially software engineering, web development and cyber security. I had an interest in game development for a while, started learning OpenGL for that (hardcore approach) but I didn’t focus much on that.

Motivation for this blog

So, what motivated me to start this? Well, I have had the website for few years actually but I never thought I’d include a blog. I usually kept it for developing and testing apps, maybe for learning some deployment and learn how to use some frameworks to build more complex apps. It was like that for a couple of years.

Then, recently, I started re-studying algorithms and data structures in a deeper manner because I had been preparing for interviews. I thought it could be a good idea to write about the things I learn while I’m learning them as it would make me understand the subject even better and it might serve as a good portfolio.


Oh, and I have a cat! A very cute cat actually, he’s called Simba. He was born back in 2010. He still loves to play and move around, a lot.

Simba resting on a couch
Simba resting on a couch

I love Spotify! Here’s a playlist to play while you’re here.